Membership subs now due for Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre

All Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre users are now required to renew their membership if they have not already. The only exceptions are for our league, programme and tournament/event participants who ONLY participate in these activities and do not wish to have any access to the HBVC outside of these times.

HBVC Membership Options: 

Gold Membership – 12 months’ one-off fee of $140 ($11 per month)

Silver Membership – 6 months’ one-off fee of $90 ($15 per month)

Student Membership* – 12 months one-off fee of $80 ($6 per month)

*Students are defined as any member who is currently in secondary school or lower. University students are considered adults.

Members are responsible for the appropriate use of their centre access, their personal behaviour and the responsible use of the equipment and facilities. Reports of inappropriate behaviour/misuse of equipment can result in the removal of your membership and membership card.

 Link to Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre membership form


Our 10 year old gate access system has finally had enough and quit working on us. As I’m sure a lot of you know, the back gate has been unlocked recently to allow access while we sort out a new access system. This will of course take some time, so we have put a combo lock on the front gate and will be locking the back gate again starting 21st of November. Once you have paid for your membership we will provide you with the combination to the front gate lock. This lock code is confidential and if shared with non-members your membership may be revoked. Please ensure that you lock the gate every time you go in and out of the facility. The middle bathroom will also remain unlocked until we have the new system in place so that members may access the toilet and shower. Thank you for your patience in the matter while we look to upgrade our system.


Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre

Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre


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