Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre

Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre (HBVC) Membership

Membership of the Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre (HBVC) entitles members to a lock code to obtain free access to the sand courts, external showers and a disabled toilet / shower facility. Balls and other training gear are not included with the membership fee.

All playing users of the HVBC must be members. The only exceptions are for our league, programme and tournament/event participants who ONLY participate in these activities and do not wish to have any access to the HBVC outside of these times.

Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre
Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre

HBVC Membership Options: 

Gold Membership – 12 months’ one-off fee of $140 ($11 per month)

Silver Membership – 6 months’ one-off fee of $90 ($15 per month)

Student Membership* – 12 months one-off fee of $80 ($6 per month)

*Students are defined as any member who is currently in secondary school or lower. University students are considered adults.

Members are responsible for the appropriate use of their centre access, their personal behaviour and the responsible use of the equipment and facilities. Reports of inappropriate behaviour/misuse of equipment can result in the removal of your membership and membership card.

Link to Harbour Beach Volleyball Centre Membership Registration form


The combination lock code that you are provided as a member is confidential and if shared with non-members your membership may be revoked. Please ensure that you lock the gate every time you go in and out of the facility.

HBVC Term 4 Weekday Calendar 2019

Use of HBVC Facilities

Court booking rates:

Non-Members                                                               $20 p/h
Member playing with non-members                          $10 p/h


Non-Members                                                             $50 p/h (incl. kitchen usage)
Members                                                                     $40 p/h (incl. kitchen usage)

Full facility:

Non-Members                                                            $120 p/h
Members                                                                    $80 p/h